Solar Banner
Founder of Indigenous Spirit

Solar Banner is an Indigenous Producer/Director; an accomplished leader in Indigenous Films, story telling, history, and Prophecy.  Film maker,  photographer, fine artist, creative director and ceremonial leader. Solar’s life has been in pictures with always a powerful story or  message depicted on film, live theater, musical shows, live radio, from the peoples least heard, the Indigenous peoples of the world and their spirituality based in the Wisdom of  Mother Earth.


Accompanied only with camera and microphone in hand she has been invited and given the red carpet treatment into some of the more remote regions of undiscovered indigenous people of the earth; to meet with and participate with Indigenous leaders and chiefs, to capture and share with their people  the true stories of knowledge, spiritual wisdom, ceremonial life, healing practices, food and most importantly, their family and children.


A perspective unknown in American life or globally to access and document The Indigenous  People of the world as they truly are….the real story. 


Solar has recently branched out into the Music Publishing business and the art Publishing business for Indigenous musicians and Indigenous Performing  and Fine Artists, who  without a doubt are the modern day story tellers. 


Solar feels the most  blessed when she is with her two children, Ayesewa and Eagle somewhere in the presence and tucked away in the warmth of Mother Earth.