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“Two Horses Laughing” and Solar Banner have decided to create an opportunity for our followers to purchase indigenous art from around the world directly from the artists themselves. Every piece is executed in a sacred manner with intention in every stitch and every brush stroke. So, every piece of art sold is timeless and incredibly special and will only appreciate in time.

All Native North American Art will have a "Certificate Of Authenticity".



From Solar Banner


Indigenous peoples observe  the beauty  of nature around them and  with this beauty, they give back to the Mother Earth by making beautiful objects, we now call art. Yet a long time ago these objects were sometimes used as utilitarian pieces, used to communicate to spirit, to keep away the dark spirits, to  record our histories, to wear as an appreciation of everything around us that made it possible by including the spirit of the animal or the stone that it was made from; our way of giving thanks and appreciation to the ancestors and to life itself.  Indigenous art is not made for the simple act of mastering a technique,  or solely for monetary value, but for a deeper meaning…”. It keeps us happy and  provides us with the Vision and a way to to remember who we are, depict our stories; stories that are rich in meaning  because everything on earth that comes from the natural world has a story and a spirit.” A deeper understanding that draws us in and is represented in each piece every little thing has meaning…. Stories that are told of our observation of beauty in the world  through “art” and to continue spreading our stories even more.

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